« Novum animi ex nihilo »

Novex Capital foundation   


About Us

We invest in early stage.

We invest in technologies. With positive disruption concept.

We invest in people and accelerate their route to markets, with purpose, value, and partners.


« If we don’t change our direction we’re likely to end up where we’re headed. » Chinese proverb

The Model

As per-deal-partnership model we set a team and structure to make each investment case uniquely coordinated. Unique is our team.

We focus on the equity gap area, where bridges are required with fit and experience to link parties for long, not just for exit purposes.

The partner per deal principle relies on the ability to suit the right transaction structure with the right team of partners and on a rather long term. The first million of sales is the most important stone to seed others.

Jérôme Penot, Novex Capital director and founder of the NovAlpin Partners, platform of partners per deal matching. Today working with 3 partners for connected investment purposes, in Europe, USA and Israel. Namely Novex Capital, Earth First Food Ventures and Sherpa Innoventures.

« Every drop counts, in matching need to solution, as an independent advisor to creators and a connected partner to investors, Novex plays his role ».

Opportunities in tech early stage funding:

The world is about to change very quickly. As venture capitalists, our job is to identify technologies that will be embraced by the future and then bet on that future. Good seeds become good crops.

Glad to follow below companies as example of success stories and to support them and their core management for connecting with investors and mentors. We are not a fund, we are a founding arm.

Food and Beverages


let’s stop the waste before it happens

Food and Beverages


Foodetective Unified API to centralize the restaurant industry. Seamlessly connect all your third-party services without juggling complex integrations. Add any POS, delivery, booking, socials, HR, Stock systems and processors with a click.

Food and Beverages

Embion Technologies

Embion Technologies Pioneer in affordable naturally derived prebiotics, matching the future of food: safe, nutritive and affordable..and beyond food, any biomass up cycled as Nature is made on purpose.

Food and Beverages

Emotion Food Company

Emotion Food Company  Textures and gelling agents technology to transform any food into a compatible dish for swallowing and mastication disorders or simply longer shelf lives with additional protein boosters capacity.

Food and Beverages

OselBirch water 

OselBirch water plant based beverages from Estonia authentic recipe.After first sales in Germany with AAA retailer and new listings from Switzerland, the acceleration made within Nestlé Center in Lausanne now pays off.Raising now in bridge funding and in the Danish Train accelerator program.


Nemis Technologies

Nemis Technologies  A solution enabling more frequent and early on-site screening tests for food safety and beyond.



Biotic Changing the world of plastics providing innovative, cost effective fully bio-degradable solutionSeed opened – USD 2 millions


Vesta Biosciences

Vesta Biosciences Personalised fiber mixes to feed your gut microbiome.

Proof of concepts and principles



Kleap is a mobile-first content builder. Launch online content, with a few taps on their mobile devices or computer. No-code & No-design.

Customers use Kleap for personal websites, restaurants, links in bio, micro-website, landing pages and more.


Meniscus repair gel – POC process – one of our mentored projects in EPFL


Recombinant protein from milk tech, Casein, and oleaginous yeast study on lipid. Both for alt protein applications. Mid-2021 accelerator program in study – one of our mentored projects in EPFL

Savoir regarder le talent des autres comme si on le possédait soi-même (Confusius)